05 Titan Front wheel hub assembly replacement

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05 Titan Front wheel hub assembly replacement

Postby jlibed » Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:35 pm

After reading all the forums and watching a real good edited to make it look easy you tube video. Here is how
I replaced my 2005 Titan LE 3.5 2x4 (notice it is NOT a 4x4) big difference on how it needs to be done from what I read.

1. I started spraying PB blaster about 2 days before I started on the 3 bolts holding the wheel hub assembly.
2. removed the tire
3. Un clipped the ABS sensor. Should be the only wire to disconnect. Used a small screwdriver to push the little button in and worked it off.
4. Removed the brake caliper from the mounting bracket. This turned out to be a mistake
1. Because the bolt ended up breaking off inside the mounting bracket. With the truck partially outside the
garage and no knowledge how to remove a broken bolt. I just went out to the only parts store that had a whole
Caliper and mounting bracket with bolts.
2. I could have just removed the 2 caliper mounting bracket bolts and took everything off at once (will do that for the passenger side next)
5. Get a BFP (big f***** pipe) and muscle the 3 bolts for the hub assembly. For my truck which is a 2 wheel drive there is nothing you have to disconnect to get at the bolts. That took the longest because even after you loosen them it takes awhile with your ratchet wrench to take them completely off.
6. I guess I got luck because my wheel hub just slid right out.
7. put the new one in and re=assembled.
Not to bad but to remove the bolts is quite a chore. But it can be done. Took me 4 hours only because I had the broken bolt and had to track down a new caliper with all the hardware. If it was not for that, it would have took no more than 2 hours.

Good Luck

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