04 Titan 73k miles 0420, 0430, and 1574 codes

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04 Titan 73k miles 0420, 0430, and 1574 codes

Postby M374llic4 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:36 pm

Hello all,
I just bought a used titan, it had an ABS code, and the oil pressure was pegged at high when I went to test drive it, the dealer fixed both of those, and I mentioned after a few minutes of driving the SES light came on. They said they fixed it (I drove it again before buying it, the lights were all gone at the time) so I bought it (Though oil pressure is fine now, and no ABS light). On my way home (about 20 miles) the SES light came back on. So I guess they just cleared the engine codes and gave it to me. I am getting codes 0420, 0430, and 1574. Could these just be 02 sensors for the first two? I am not sure what the 3rd one is.

Anyone have any suggestions? Truck ran / runs well. on a cold start it will idle a tiny bit high for a few seconds and then be fine the rest of the time, power is there, doesnt seem to have issues. What should I check?


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