03' G35 Motor Swap (Injector Issue)

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03' G35 Motor Swap (Injector Issue)

Postby callybilds » Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:12 am

I believe that I originally posted this in the wrong forum. Hopefully the brilliant minds on this forum will be able to help.

Hello. This is my first post to the group so if i am in the wrong place, my apologies. My issue is this. Last summer, my son was driving it and experience a catastrophic engine failure event. I found a suitable donor in a model year 2004.5 VQ35de. The 03 VQ35de has an ECU programmed for the 03 model year, the 04.5 is also programmed for that year but has different injectors and different A/F sensors.
Currently, i am seeing a closed loop fault under medium to heavy acceleration and "coasting". The scanner says that it is running lean, intermittently on both banks.. I have tested the vac pressure at the intake, (22psi), I have tested the MAF sensor, fuel pressure, reset the throttle position sensor. When researching the fuel injectors, I found that the 03 and the 04.5 have different injectors. I have tried to find the specs on them to compare but have been unsuccessful. I am having a very hard time determining whether or not I should have the 03 injectors installed for the 03 ECU or do i need to install the 04.5 injectors for mechanical function of the motor.
Also, how would the difference in A/F Sensors play into this.
I have two sets of injectors now. One set installed and one set not. The uninstalled set is the FBJC100 set. I do not know for sure what the markings are on the installed set.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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