03/04 M45 Struts

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03/04 M45 Struts

Postby MSeries61996 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:26 pm

Hi everyone!
So my 2003 M45 (Y34) is definitely in need of some struts, as the ride is getting bumpy and sways a little too much after going over bumps or rough spots.
Not sure of the maintenance history as far as suspension goes, as there isn't much recorded or any paperwork showing this, but it's at 130K, (alignment was done about 1.5k miles ago) and it looks as if the front struts are beginning to leak a little towards the top (there is no other evidence of leaks anywhere but on the struts themselves, even checked CV boots). As for the rear, I will probably end up going with the Monroe rear shocks from www.rockauto.com.
But my questions are

1.) The car is 16 years old, 130k miles, and generally in great condition, so should I just replace the struts alone or go all out and replace the entire front set up
- coil spring x2 (these appear to be in good shape, most websites say the can be re-used with new struts)
- spring insulator x2
- strut bumper x2
- insulator cushion x2
2.) Also, do I need to replace the upper mounts for the stock front struts when getting new struts as well?
3.) Would buying the BC Racing Coilovers ($1250.00) for a little less than the same price as the full rebuild on the front be a better alternative, and has anyone here done the BC Racing Coilover install themselves?
4.) Anyone have an estimate for shop costs on labor?

I am not a mechanic, but I am somewhat mechanically inclined with the proper direction.

I will be purchasing all the parts myself, but most likely having a shop do the labor.
I just wanted to get advice/suggestions/insight from anyone who might have an answer!
Thanks NICOclub! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Re: 03/04 M45 Struts

Postby EdBwoy » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:53 pm

I would go all out and replace all the components. I'd hate for good components to wear prematurely or a compromised ride quality due to bad components in the system.

That being said, the coilover option is a favorite for people who want to lower their cars and want a stiffer ride. I haven't seen any M45-specific writeups, but the Q45 will be very similar.

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