02 Q45 power steering pressure hose removal

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02 Q45 power steering pressure hose removal

Postby Dmacc420 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:02 am

Ok so here's the story as quickly as possible.
Got an 02 Q from my brother for free. Free because he was the non maintenance guy and it was riddled with issues. After a long process of tinkering and replacing stupidly expensive parts she's been running well. here's a short list of new parts Valve covers, Sparks, battery, alternator, radiator, sway bar links, tie rods in and out, rotors pads, front hub assemblies, cats rear removed fronts hollowed out all left is it needs new struts (too expensive) has an exhaust leak (small hole at manifold too hard to get to) and a ps leak.
Well I went thru three alternators this year. Yes they were crappy remans but at the rate of one every couple months I knew there must be another issue. Plus I had my fingers crossed because the alts are under factory warranty.
Turns out the ps leak is at the metal to rubber Union right in front of the alternator and it was getting drenched.
Since the ps hose is in otherwise good condition and runs $400+ I decided to take it off and have it repaired at a hydraulic service shop for less than $50.

So I go to my fsm to find dissassembly instructions and there are none.

The leak is at the loop up front. Where are the closest dissconnects ? Do I have to remove the entire thing? Is there somewhere I can cut flare and put a union ? Are there any Infiniti specific tools I need to say remove the hose from the psoil pressure sensor? Doesknow where I can find a walkthru for removal without damaging it ? Does the rubber hose even have to be there? Can I just run some same diameter metal line in its place? Help me plz. This was a daily driver now it's apart in the driveway

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Re: 02 Q45 power steering pressure hose removal

Postby EdBwoy » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:20 am

Look for a disconnect at the power steering pressure switch. It should be close to the alternator.

This thread from the M45 side might help, although not exact - https://forums.nicoclub.com/anyone-repl ... 22254.html

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