Wiseco vs JE vs CP Pistons. Your input...

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Wiseco vs JE vs CP Pistons. Your input...

Postby Nesquick » Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:39 pm

so heres my story....

ordered eagle rods/wiseco pistons. (86.5mm) for my rb26

guy who i bought them from didnt have the pistons in stock, but said he is willing to change the pistons to either CP or JE for no extra charge.

so iv been thinkin, was wiseco the right choice????

so i did some research.

found out that people have had problems with the wiseco rings, same with the CP rings. so that must leave JE right?

i couldnt really find any info/input on people who have run the JE in an rb26.

so i was hopin that someone here could shed some light on my situation here.

any help is appreciated

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Re: Wiseco vs JE vs CP Pistons. Your input... (Nesquick)

Postby boosted98gst » Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:52 am

Welp ive always had great luck with wiseco's im still currently running my [email protected] with a set of off the shelf wiseco's with no issues, I daily the car in the summer months so it see's alot of street driving. Ive always ran JE pistons in my 1g dsm and had good luck with them . Personally my opnion is just what it is, everyone is going to have something different, but if you really think about it., most parts like pistons for the price ,are all close in performance ect. I really do not think there is that much different between the 3, The level of QC and materials and forging make for a awsome product. The rings themself are all chomoly there are so many variable's to what another person could have done wrong. Machine chop could of gapped them wrong, inproper break in, ect ect. For my RB im thinking about running another set of wiseco or je's

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Re: Wiseco vs JE vs CP Pistons. Your input... (boosted98gst)

Postby S14-NEO » Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:05 am

In my opinion, the CP pistons are prob the best out there for the money. I had a set in my SR before i went RB and will be using them again in my RB30 build..When i did my S build i had the CP pistons wieghed and the machinist i used for my block prep was shocked as to how closely balanced they were...all four pistons were within .0005 of a gram...which if you ask me is nearly prefect. and as far as the ring faliures are concerned, i think more often than not most ring faillures are more than likely due to improper installation and or poor tuning resulting in detonation.

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Postby gawdzilla » Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:13 pm

i dont think you can really go wrong with the other 2 options. the machining/measuring/assembly process is much more important. when i assembled mine, i went with the wisecos cuz they came with coated skirts.

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