Which speed sensor do I need?

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I have a 72 Datsun 620 that I ka24de swap off a 91 s13 and I want my mph gauge to work, so I was hoping someone here has solved this issue. tnx in advance....
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Datsun 620 Spedo dont use a speed sensor. You would need the Spedo from the 240SX cause its matched to the trans and figure out any wiring needed.

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You just need to run down a 71C trans that uses a cable driven speedo.
Once you have those parts, possibly the tail shaft housing, speedo drive gear, speedo driven gear & holder of the correct tooth count for your rear end ratio.

I know that there were cars with the 71C that used cable driven speedometers.

That way you don't have to butcher the dash to fit a later gauge.

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