Wheel/Tire Fitment FAQ

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Wheel/Tire Fitment FAQ

Postby nametakennow » Sat May 16, 2009 5:11 pm

So you’ve decided to get some wheels for your Sentra/200SX/G20. That’s great, but what fits? Short of grabbing all the detailed specs and sorting through them, this guide should give you a pretty good idea of what you can fit. Please note that this does not include any fitments that would explicitly require significant fender work, and any situations where even a little rolling would be required are noted as such.

Additionally, this information is roughly the same for all three models (which are really two, pretty much, as the 200SX is just a 2-door B14 Sentra).

This is a series of rough guidelines and information. Please ask if you have any question at all about your fitment and make sure to remember our Tires/Wheels/Brakes/Suspension forum for which there is a link at the bottom. If you're still unclear, remember that many sites do the fitment work for you. Examples include Tirerack, Discount Tire, etc

Background Info1. TerminologyBolt Pattern – Literally the pattern (number and spacing) of the lugs. Typically written as # of lugs X space-between them in mm

Offset – Difference between the geometric center of the wheel cylinder and where the wheel meets the hub.

Hub Center Bore – The diameter of the center of the hub.

Tire Sizes – Width/Height/Inner Diameter (e.g. 215/45/17). Note that the width is in mm (215mm in the example), the height is a percentage of the width (45% in the example), and the inner diameter reflects the diameter of the wheels the tire fits (17 inch wheel in the example)

2. Bolt Patterns- 91-94 Sentra (incl. SE-R) – 4X100- 95-99 Sentra/200SX – 4X100- 00-06 Sentra (incl. SE-R) 4X114.3- 07+ Sentra (excl. SE-R) 4X114.3- 07+ Sentra (SE-R only) 5X114.3- 91-96 G20 – 4X114.3- 99-02 G20 - 4X114.3

All of the above used offsets around +40 to +47.

Hub center bore of all Nissans since 1989 is 66.1mm. Please note that it is very easy to find hub centering rings to take larger bores down to the Nissan spec. Often wheels will come with these if they’re ordered by a site that figures out fitment for you (e.g. Tirerack). However, they often send plastic ones. Aluminum ones are available. I’ve heard that the aluminum ones don’t deteriorate as easily (which makes sense) and offer better ride quality by not deforming as easily. I, personally, have aluminum ones ordered from 1010tires.

Do NOT get a wheel with a smaller center bore. It won't fit over the hub and you'll be stuck with several hundred dollars of useless metal.

Other vehicles with similar bolt patterns, for reference:- Honda Civics/Integras/Del Sols (excl. 02+ Si models) and 4cyl Accords are 4X100, so 4X100 choices are fairly good- Prior to 2002, Altima’s were 4X114.3, as of 2002 they are 5X114.3. - Of course, the S13 and non-SE S14 240SX is 4X114.3, as is the AE86, but being RWD they have significantly larger fenderwells, so don’t expect wheels that fit them to fit your Sentra. The offset will probably be wrong.

Stock Tire SizesCheck your stockers and see.

Use the following calculator (or one like it) to determine what tire size has a similar rolling diameter to keep your speedometer and odometer accurate. Make sure you have updated your browser’s Java software before using the calculator.


Use the following calculator to calculate offset. The inside of your wheel should list the offset for reference.


Please note that when you change the width of the tire, this also changes what sort of offset you can run. Tires go by 10mm increments, but remember that 10mm is spread out over the entire tire, so it really moves 5mm inward and 5mm outward.

What fits?Good question. I’m glad you asked.

Sentras have a fairly small fenderwell. I’m going to give you approximate maximums and minimums for fitment in some common sizes. From there, you can extrapolate any sort of custom size you might be interested in. Yes, you can fit narrower tires and wider tires than this, but at that point you’re looking at stretching or excessive sidewall flex issues that are best avoided.

Wheel Width/Minimum-Maximum Tire Width 6.5in/185-2157in/195-2257.5in/205-2358in/215-245

Any wider and you’ll be in serious fender work range due to the offset. Any narrower and you’re probably going backwards.

Tire Width/Min-Max OffsetReally Skinny Tires/Practically anything you could ever find205/+30-+50215/+35-+45225/+40 (may require a slight fender roll)Beyond this point you pretty much have to roll the fenders. These are fairly conservative ranges.

Additional NotesI’ve certainly heard of people running wider tires, but typically they use them for race-only situations, have done fender work, or have some kind of camber adjustment to make them fit. I can’t say I recommend camber adjustments because you’re liable to create really strange wear patterns on your tires and ruin handling.

Also note that B15 SE-Rs were designed for a wider tire (stock is 215/45/17) and as a result have a slightly different setup such that they can fit a slightly wider tire than their 1.8 and 2.0 cousins before they start rubbing the inside. This just means that they can run a slightly higher offset wheel with the same size tire than a 1.8 or 2.0, but risk rubbing the fender at higher offsets as well. In essence, the balance is a little different, but those guidelines above should still suffice for most people.

As an example, here’s my current setup:215/45/17 on 7in wide wheels with a +42 offset. I have approximately 6mm of room on the inside and 7mm on the outside on my 2.0 B15 last I checked. This essentially means that I could run a 225 and just barely get away with it. However, 225/40/17’s are extremely rare for street tires. Nissan used an odd stock size of 195/55/16 for 16”-option-equipped 2000-2001 Sentra SE’s. Other B15 Sentras are 185/60/15 or smaller and, therefore, have more tire options in sizes with the correct rolling diameter.

Obviously this all also depends on your suspension setup, but as long as you’re not any lower than -2in or so and have appropriately stiff shocks, you won’t have rubbing issues.

Also bear in mind that B16s (which are really a Renault C chassis, as in the Megane) have comparatively larger fenderwells than previous Sentras. 18"s seem to fit fine if you want a wheel that large. Similarly, it stands to reason that there should be more lateral room as well. If you have a B16 and have more info on this subject, let me know so I can make any modifications to this guide needed to for applying it to B16s.

For more in-depth explanations, remember that we have a Tires/Wheels/Brakes/Suspension forum as well. Here’s a link to the forum itself followed by a couple to similar (but more detailed) FAQs.

zeroforum?id=140 (Forum)zerothread/57952 (Tires FAQ)zerothread/57950 (Wheels FAQ)

As always, if you have further questions, post up or shoot me an email.

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