water input & thermostat question

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water input & thermostat question

Postby whatchagonnado » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:56 pm

After replacing the timing belt, waterpump, etc, I filled the coolant system and the antifreeze started streaming out the bottom of timing cover. Not actually steaming but not a drip either. Putting the cap back on radiator stops the stream so probably not completely sealed or not enough RTV applied.. Used Ultra Gray Permatex. I did wait 22 hours for the sealant to cure.

Traced it to the thermostat pipe outlet. The book calls for removing both water pipes to replace the thermostat housing but I am able to access the bolt and two nuts without taking off the upper pipe. I am just trying to save time and reduce risk the upper pipe might leak when putting it back together. This project has been a real nightmare and wish I had taken it to a dealer.

I previously posted this question on the wrong topic. When I logged in to check any replies, I noticed my mistake. Sorry about taking up bandwith space.

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Re: water input & thermostat question

Postby J30tChumpCar » Fri Sep 04, 2020 9:25 pm

What did you do to fix?

I only get notifications when a reply to a thread happens,Every time you start a new thread I no longer get notified thus miss the conversation, thats how I missed the balancer questions...

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