Unusually high highway revs

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Unusually high highway revs

Postby checkstr » Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:45 am

Hi...New here! I have a 2013 Versa SL with a 1.8 CVT transmission. Within the past few months, I noticed that my car drives with high RPM's when cruising on the highway. Example...At approx 60 mph, my RPM's hover around and over 3000. And if I get it to 75 mph, the RPM's sit between 3200-3400 (these are all cruising speeds, not accelerating speeds). I don't remember it running that high in the past...Not over 2500 anyways. It almost feels like it doesn't slip into the most efficient 'gear'. I know CVT's don't have gears so perhaps ratio would be more accurate. Nothing else really gives me any worry that the actual transmission is on the way out. Dealership has already tried resetting the TCM but no changes to my RPM.

Next issue (and possibly related to the above?)...My car only has 80,000 miles on it, and I've already replaced my serpentine belt twice. Anyone else notice a very short life on these belts? Dealership tells me that this is normal.

Any thoughts/suggestions welcomed

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Re: Unusually high highway revs

Postby amc49 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:54 am

Well, on my '11 1.8 at 80K I'm still on the original belt.

Some dealers let you think they are using OEM parts but they get a lot of them from the parts stores to be able to get out of stock parts much faster. Dealers just really don't stock a lot of parts by choice. Then if they do that they can always give you the cheaper line of belt as most parts stores offer a good and better belt and the better one is often MUCH better, I used to sell them. That could explain your issue. They then charge you the official OEM price and boy are you getting it handed to you! I saw a LOT of dealers doing that when I was in parts, it should be against the law to me but it's not.

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Re: Unusually high highway revs

Postby kc5f » Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:15 am

I've had 3 Versas, and my kids have had two others, all with CVT. (2007-2012 original Versas and one 2015 Note.) I think we've replaced one serpentine belt on the lot of them, with the Note being the only one less than 70k miles.

On my Versas I've always found level-road RPMs to be more or less 1500 at 45mph, 2000 at 60, 2500 at 75 and 3000 at 90 (which I don't run very often!). Never having had CVT problems, I can't suggest what the problem might be, but it sounds like there is one.

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