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The HP Tuners MPVI3

Postby HP Tuners » Tue Jul 05, 2022 1:29 pm


The HP Tuners MPVI3 Coming Soon (Sep 2022)

Introducing MPVI3 by HP Tuners, the fastest and most sophisticated OBDII interface device to date.
Now standard with Pro Feature Set (PROLINK+ cable sold separately).
Orders begin in September, 2022.

Our new flagship device allows users to diagnose trouble codes, monitor and optimize
vehicle performance, and customize your vehicle to cater to your needs.

Pro is the new standard with MPVI3. Take advantage of Pro Feature Set capabilities like
standalone data logging and PROLINK+ compatibility (sold separately) already built into
your new device. MPVI3 redefines the limits of speed and control with faster standalone
data logging and 2X the storage capacity compared to the previous generation.

Log more runs (faster) and store more calibrations on your MPVI3, all with the
convenience of eliminating your laptop from the equation.

*Note: The MPVI3 does not include any pre-loaded tunes or calibrations.


Pro Feature Set and Pro Link+

Pro Feature Set enables the use of the latest sensor input/output hardware from HP Tuners
along with Standalone Datalogging so logs can be saved without the need for a laptop.

Combine your new MPVI3 with the Pro Link+ for the full professional experience, and allow
for up to two analog signals, and one CAN signal at a time to enhance your calibration and
logging capabilities.

Interface Upgrades

Interface upgrades will be available from any previous device to the new MPVI3 December 2022.

Visit the MPVI3 Product Page to see all the details!


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