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First off, Welcome to NICO and I am sure you will enjoy the stay.I am one of your NISSAN/SR20 moderators. I have taken the time to gather quite abit of very useful information for your reading enjoyment and knowledge. So plese read ALL of the information below and use the SEARCH button!! They will answer alot of your questions and will keep me or anyone else from having to answer the same questions over and over. By all means though, if you don't see the answer to your question or something isn't clear, Ask away. Thank you for your cooperation!!

Who are we? What is our history? Who is who? The NICOclub "About NICO" page will fill you in.

About NICO

Terms of Conduct

My post / thread disappeared - What happened?

While the NICO Administration tries very hard to avoid censoring or removing posts, posts or threads can be removed for any number of reasons. The most common reasons are:

1) Linking to a forum that competes with NICO. While this may seem silly, NICO exists due to the enormous flow of traffic that enters the site. Without this, the resource would cease to exist.

2) Posting something inappropriate. In the interests of professionalism, we ask that anything posted on NICO be "PG-13" in nature. There are other sites where "anything goes" and, while we try to avoid censoring content, NICO is not one of them.

3) Flaming, bashing or trolling. A good rule of thumb here is, "if you don't have anything nice / constructive to say, don't say anything." NICO prides itself on being a safe place for all people (newbies and veterans) to learn and share a common interest.

4) Commercial posting. We all hate spam, and spamming our members is a good way to be removed from NICO. Further, if you are a business and you have a product that might be of interest to our members, feel free to contact us. We can't allow commercial posting for non-paying advertisers, but we're very flexible and can design a package that accommodates most business budgets.

5) Political and religious discussions. We've learned from experience that these sorts of threads lead to division and dissent in our family, and we'd prefer to remain cohesive and united in our enthusiasm for cars.

6) Starting a new topic in place of one that you *think* might have been removed by a moderator for one of the aforementioned reasons is simply bad "netiquette" and will be dealt with appropriately.

7) Posting forsale threads here instead of the forsale section and not having a minimum *10* post count to post for sale threads.


Now that we have all of that out in the open, the information below is very useful.

1.6 (GA16DE to 2.0 (SR20DE/T) swap
Turbo the NA SR20DE
Take apart your B16's ('07+) Dash
B16 Gauge Lights Install
B16 Map Light Replacement
B15 HID Install
NISMO QR25DE Intake Retrofitted for the QG18DE
B15 HID Install
LED Window Switches
DIY B15 Manual Trans Fluid Change
DIY B15/QG18DE Rad Flush (process ought to be roughly the same for any B15)

RECALLS and Problem Areas
B15 Chassis (2000-2006)
B16 Chassis (2007 – present)

SR20DE/T Frequently Asked Questions
SR20VE Engine Specifications
Maintenance of the SR20
Quick Fixes for Common Issues - Maintenance AND Aftermarket
Where can I get parts? NICO sponsors are a good start!
Wheel/Tire Fitment FAQ

Informative Thread Discussions
Exhaust Thread
B16 (2007+) Parts Thread
B15 Intermittent Stalling Issues
VQ35 Swap Info (includes link to contact info for swap's pioneer)

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