Swapping VQ37VHR into G35

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Swapping VQ37VHR into G35

Postby kodiak7 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:15 pm

Hi everyone - this is my first post and I'm new to the forum.
Looking for any info as to swapping a VQ37VHR into a G35, which has a VQ35HR.
I've been lucky enough to get a kickasss deal on a G35 which has a broken engine but nothing else wrong with it and a G37 with a good engine/interior etc. but a totaled body.

I may have my first G series car ever if this works out and this may become a thread with pics/info if successful.
I know auto basics any man should know but I'm no mechanic - hoping to learn here from those more experienced.

I'm having a top-notch local mechanic who was recommended to me do the swap - he's already taken out the VQ37 and I'm hopefully about to have the G35 towed over so he can remove the bad engine in it and swap in the VQ37. Not wanting to go into this blind though (for multiple reasons) so I'm doing research myself and hopefully I can get some pointers here...still can't find anything online as far as this particular swap.

The first thing I've wondered - will the difference between the 37's VVEL and the 35's variable valve timing system be an issue as far as putting everything together? I'm researching the differences between what the two do but I have no idea as far as the differences in how they integrate into the car. That is pretty much my problem across the board - what if any differences in the two engines/cars will need to be compensated for here? I'd just leave it to the mechanic to figure out but I do want to keep him honest and of course be reasonably knowledgeable about the car that will hopefully be mine soon!

My thanks in advance to anyone who may know anything.

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Re: Swapping VQ37VHR into G35

Postby skopos214 » Thu Nov 05, 2020 11:11 am

any updates on this? I'm thinking about buying a g35 with a blown motor and swapping in a vq37vhr but can't find much helpful information anywhere, advice or links to some resources would be much appreciated

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Re: Swapping VQ37VHR into G35

Postby AZhitman » Thu Nov 05, 2020 2:36 pm

Huge undertaking. To my knowledge, in the later car, the ECU monitors the transmission, ABS, the airbags, the climate control, gauge cluster, airbags, power steering, and a myriad of other functions.

You'll basically need to make sure you get all the sensors and systems off the G37 and integrate them into the G35. Just having the engine out of the G37 doesn't help. You'll need the ECU, the TCU, the ABS controller, the full harness, the cluster, the audio/HVAC center stack, and everything else the harness attaches to. If *ONE* sensor doesn't see the values it expects, AND if it sees two values that don't jive, it's limp mode time.

That doesn't even include all the custom fabrication to the mounts and brackets and accessories to make them all fit. VVT differences are the least of your worries.

If it were mine, I'd find a good low-mileage VH35HR, toss a supercharger on it, and go to town. WAY cheaper, no drama, and more power.

I've been down the road of misery (MR20 into a 2009 Cube) and it was a colossal failure - even with a Nissan GTR Master Tech, a retired Infiniti Master Tech, and three fabricators involved.

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