Rear liftgate release 2008 EX35

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Rear liftgate release 2008 EX35

Postby etsuHoopsFan » Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:54 pm

I am having an issue with the liftgate release that just started happening a few months ago. Sometimes it will not open. Press on the area over the license plate and it does nothing, no clicks, like it is locked. All doors are unlocked. Opened it by the manual switch in the liftgate. Pulled the liftgate interior panel and looked for anything obvious, but looked ok. Unplugged the cable to the hatch release, plugged it back in , put everything back. Looked for fuses, but didn't see any that were labelled for the liftgate. Then one day it started working again for weeks. Then yesterday we had a second keyfob that I bought used and had it programmed at a local shop, not a dealer. Both fobs work fine, but now the liftgate is not working again. Is there some setting I am missing? Is there a fuse for the liftgate somewhere? Could the keyfobs have something to do with it? Maybe just coincidence? Never had a problem before.

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Re: Rear liftgate release 2008 EX35

Postby VStar650CL » Thu Apr 01, 2021 7:13 pm

If the motor in the latch is good, the most likely culprit is chafed or broken wires in the flex coupling to the trunk lid. To find out which, take the latch connector loose and put a bulb-type test light across the motor connections. If the lamp lights when you hit the release then the latch motor is shot, if it doesn't then either the power or ground connection is open. NOTE: The test lamp should light as brightly as with battery voltage, if it's dim then you have a crappy connection in the wiring that's causing too much resistance for the motor to operate.

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