Please help me understand the differences between 620 vs 1200 ute

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First post here. I'm very new to the Datsun truck scene, but always had the dream of owning a 240z and a 2000gtr. After recently seeing a video of the original 1200 ute Hakotora, I quickly replaced the idea of 2000gtr with a more affordable Datsun truck. My research has made me realize 1200 ute really isn't an option because I live in the US, but perhaps the 620 would still be a great project. In my low 30s, all of these vehicles are before my time, so hopefully some of you can help me understand the differences and similarities of 620 and 1200 ute. Some questions are below:

If I did build a Datsun truck, I would be highly interested in having a 2000gtr front end cosmetic conversion. This is already sold for a 1200 ute. Does a 620 have the exact same front end as the 1200 ute?

The engine bay of the 1200 ute looks rather small, perhaps limiting engine swap options. Do you have any comments on engine swaps in the 620 if I wanted to build it for some racing and track fun?

What are some major differences and similarities between the two trucks that interested buyers should be aware off?

What are some common issues with the 620, and what are the common solutions/parts to resolve that?

At this point, ill take any info. It is difficult to understand the differences between all of the Datsun models when I do not know anyone personally that shares interest or has knowledge in the field. Heavy thank you to anyone who comments.

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Welcome aboard.

To be very blunt, the two trucks are not remotely similar. The 1200, which we did not receive here, is also called a Sunny, and is a Datsun 1200 (car) underneath. It's basically a unibody economy car with an open bed where the trunk and rear seat would be.

A 620 is a typical body-on-frame truck. "Common issues" is a relevant question for a modern car. By now, they're all at least 41 years old, so the "issues" would be age and abuse-related. Clean ones are hard to find, as they usually got worked hard and mistreated, although clean examples can be found.

I'm sure you could find some sort of conversion for the front of a 620, but you'd probably spend more than it's worth pursuing cosmetic changes. Lots of engine swaps have been done in a 620 (I have an SR20 in mine) but keep in mind, most are a kingpin front suspension and the steering box / arms / crossmember limit modern engine swaps. Still, people have put damn near everything under the hood - it just depends on your level of fabrication skill.

You'll see pics of 620s slammed to the ground all over IG and FB. They're primarily for show, or have had significant chassis mods. The front crossmember is very low, even at stock ride height, so unless you're bagging it and dropping it for pictures for kids, it's not terribly functional for driving.

We have a huge section here (and on full of Datsun truck folks, so do some reading and soak up as much info as you can. :)

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