piston deck height?

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piston deck height?

Postby lexcrob » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:30 pm

ive searched everywhere FSM alldata forums

maybe im calling it the wrong thing or its not normally measured?

((on that note what the heck do you use to measure block height from center of main to deck surface......? thats a pretty big gap for wanting a .001 acurate measurment ? percision chunk of carbon steel to take up some distance maybe>))

im trying to measure piston at TDC to top of block deck since i installed aftermarket pistons <<<ebay so fig it be worth it to check what i could

Machine shop said they appear to be decent at least and were a tad bit oval shaped but shouldnt give any problems at all. The EVE piston rings were way to tight i guess had to file them down like no tomarrow were their words.

thanks in advance tryin to put this thing together once*

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