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Hey Guys, I'm brand new to the 620 forum. I've been into small cars and truck for many years and have owned a 521 and a 620 in the past. I'm currently searching for the right 72-79 620 to buy. I'm looking for only the best of the best, very low mileage original or nearly completely restored. Prefer west coast truck (to drive home to Washington State), 5-speed if possible but 4-speed is okay, prefer standard cab but King Cab okay, short or long bed, stock or only slightly modified. I have a 2004 Mazda B3000 and a 1978 British Leyland Classic Mini 1000 but I'm getting ready to down size and a really nice 620 would fit the bill to replace both vehicles. I've looked at a lot of For Sale websites but most don't have a date of when the truck was for sale or if it's already sold, so it's hard to follow up on leads. Any help or suggestions? Anything specific to look for or avoid? I'd appreciate any help. Email works best for me at: [email protected] Thanks!

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Obviously rust is going to be a bit of a concern, so checking in Arizona and Nevada would be a good idea. Other than that, you'll probably have to deal with some cracked dashes and maybe minor wiring issues.

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