Near future skyline owner in the states

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Re: Near future skyline owner in the states

Postby z.Leinbach » Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:43 pm

I'm starting to look more towords the GTO/3kGT for the All time AWD instead of the rear allwheel drive. because this car is going to be a daily driver. and we get a lot of slush and ice pack here in the winter time, but yes I'm looking for unique, plus evos are a dime a dozen here where i am, plus a few more gtrs then i thought, also i keep seeing my old stealth around and i miss it. but it was also a NA FWD. soo yaa. but if i go with a dsm ill be getting a S2 VR4, cause i dont feel like hunting for three unicorn vr4

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