My first time drifting.

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My first time drifting.

Postby dohclol » Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:54 pm

Im 16 this is my first car(240sx). I was driving around and i went into this parks parking lot to turn around. It was one of those parking lots with gravel/dirt. I meant to turn around and i gave it a little to much gas and slid all the way around, It startled me since it was not intentional and it scared me. For a secound i thought i was going to nail someone elses parked car. Some girls gave me i thumbs up so it must have looked somewhat decent.. Is it normal to get this nervous your first time drifting?

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Re: My first time drifting.

Postby tr(o)picana » Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:47 pm

i would postulate that intention is just as if not more important than the outcome, so even though technically your car drifted since it was not your intention to perform said drift, you really didn't drift, but good job not crashing haha. As for being nervous or startled everyone responds to situations differently, it is likely if you expected to slide it would not have been that intense, but since it was a surprise your body enters a state of shock/stress to be fully aware and prevent injury. Personally the first time I drifted I was just happy and excited, but it was on purpose.

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