my canadian friends, i need help

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my canadian friends, i need help

Postby DALAZ_68 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:37 pm

I dont know how active this section of the site is...but i need help

im looking to purchase the LHD coupe/silvia s13 A-pillars to properly convert my god awfull AT seatbelts to MT with having the emergency handle on the proper side for me. problems are:A. im in the U.S.B. i dont have a Canadian VIN# to search if i call a CDN dealership

my only upside is i have a Canadian coworker who is going up to visit her mom in DEC, im hoping to ask her to bring the parts for me...

her mom lives about a mile away from the dealership in Point Clair. so if i can get some help either withA. Canadian part numbers for the PillarsB. A Dealership number for the Montreal areaC anything that can help

id be extremely helpfull...

please E-mail me

P.S. if you have a complete coupe a & b pillars with seatbelts and trim, LMK

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