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Postby 23tuner » Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:46 pm

I need some help with my 2012 JUKE SV with push button start.

Ive done some research and this is NOT a situation of a dead battery I've been reading about. Engine will crank just fine but will not start... if at all possible would there be a Nissan Tech out there with some DIG experience that would want to help me get this racer back on track?

I went out to start and move her out of the shop like I normally do about once a week and this time, she didn't start.
It will crank just fine good speed no issues with unequal compression. I first check for faults in the ECU with my scanner basically a generic OBD2, no faults, next checked every fuse I could on the car, all three locations all ok.
next I did a little google search and i am finding crank no start conditions in cold climates, but it was 89deg in the shop yesterday and today. after that I checked to see if the plugs were getting the signal to spark and NOTHING. I tried both with the plug removed and it grounded and also checked for 12volt and ground at coils YES 12volts and ground present, used a noid light on the signal at the connector....nothing during crank.
I have tried the key to push button initialization....same crank/nostart.

not sure it is an immobilizer the workshop manual provided from the NICO link and it states that if there is an issue with the key or anything else it wouldnt even give the signal to crank let alone start, am I correct in thinking so?????

also can a Nissan Tech with some DIG experience shed some light on what is needed for start auth from the BCM or ECM?

i would think cam position, crank position, HP fuel pressure sensor confirmation,.....anyhting else?

it would be easiest to contact me here [email protected].

Thanks everyone for the read and the help



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