Miscellaneous questions

Discussion of Infiniti's amazing (and underrated) sport-luxury crossovers, the EX35 and EX37. For 2014, the EX series will be renamed QX50, in line with Ininfiit's new naming conventions.
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Miscellaneous questions

Postby Eric. » Wed Aug 26, 2020 7:18 am

I've started driving my relatively new-to-me '16 more frequently, and it has some odd quirks. I'm curious if these are normal, or if it's in need of some more CPO dollars dumped into it ($9k so far...).

  • Sometimes the dome light doesn't come on when I open the door. I usually does, but when it doesn't, there's no rhyme or reason. It's not after a prolonged period of time, it's not turned off, etc. It'll usually pop on after a few seconds, so maybe it's a sticky door switch? It feels fine to the touch.

    Sometimes the camera stays on for a few seconds after it's in drive and moving forwards. It switches to the front camera. Not common, but it happens.

    Another sometimes with no apparent reason - on a cold start and put in reverse, it won't creep backwards like is usually does. I have to give it a little bit of throttle to get it moving. This is on flat ground, and only on cold starts if the car has been sitting a day or so. Torque converter? Low ATF?

    Possibly related to the above, the transmission has a whine in 1st gear. The dealer said it was normal, but I haven't heard other 7AT cars do this. It shifts mostly fine (see below), but I suppose it could be low on ATF. I'm tempted to get a flush, just to see, but it only has 34k miles, and don't feel like dumping $300 into something that's not needed.

    The transmission has two personalities, again, no rhyme or reason... same throttle input, same roads, same engine temp. Sometimes it'll shift a bit lazily at 3k and generally be reluctant to shift quickly, and sometimes it'll shift quickly at around 2k and stay at very low revs (surprisingly low, like around 1k in a higher gear up a hill), with the torque converter locked up. It's say it's 50/50. Is this normal? Have there been TSBs or reflashes available for this transmission (RWD)?
Sort of dumb questions, but after my old '07 G35S that had 100k more miles, this thing is, er, glitchy.


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Re: Miscellaneous questions

Postby mdmellott » Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:12 pm

Not dumb questions at all. I have never been a fan of CVT transmissions like in your '16 QX50. This technology operates so differently compared to transmissions in the past you will notice a significant difference in the way it feels when it shifts gears. Brand new I think they seem glitchy but that's just because they function differently than transmissions I am most accustom to. That being said, all transmissions and engines see their greatest amount of wear in the shortest time period starting from the day the vehicle first hits the road. Changing the engine oil is an easy task to accomplish for prolonging engine life. The issue I have with newer model transmissions, with or without a CVT type, is that they are sealed and not intended for a DIY fluid change or even a quick level check. They are typically under warranty for around 6yrs or 60K miles without ever having to change the fluid. Unfortunately, by 60K miles, the ATF the practically worthless as an adequate fluid and the transmission has already experienced premature wear and tear. The good news is that around 30K miles, which is where you are now, the ATF is about worn out and due for a change. All of the issues you noted, aside from the dome light problem and maybe the camera as well, could be related to the fact that your ATF is not serving well to adequately perform. Regardless, having the ATF changed at this time is a wise investment to prolong the life of your transmission and likely correct those glitches, maybe even the camera depending on how that reverse to forward switch is initiated. As for the doom light, the spring in the switch may feel fine , like you said, but the actual electrical contact may not be.

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Re: Miscellaneous questions

Postby Eric. » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:40 pm

Thanks for your reply. The 2016 QX50 does not have a CVT though. The current FWD-based generation does, but this previous generation car has the same 7-speed JATCO step gear automatic as the EX37, G, M, etc.

Anyway, I had the ATF flushed at the dealer (hey, they had a sale) and there's no difference. Oh well. I'll leave it alone. As for the rest, it's intermittent enough that I'm not too concerned.

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Re: Miscellaneous questions

Postby Johnnydangerus » Tue Dec 08, 2020 7:42 am

Was wondering if they did a software update when you took it in and had the transmission serviced? Was on the phone with my infiniti dealer in Mich yesterday and he stated that there is a software update for that type of issue I'm having in my 2010 EX35 awd journey. Didn't say if it was a TSB or not? Going to take it in and see if it fixes the issues. They are a distance from me so will be a bit. Am driving in manual for time being as this alows me to still drive and bypass dealing with the down shifting issues I'm having. Tbc.

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Re: Miscellaneous questions

Postby LQQX50 » Wed Dec 09, 2020 4:36 am

Hi Eric

Our '16s as stated above are NOT a CVT transmission.

We have 7 Speeds, with a Sport Mode ( when slapped the right ~ that draws out the upshift ) and also our trans has what is called Automatic Matching Rev Down Shifting.

Could you be unknowingly bumping the shifter between Regular ( Economy ~ Quicker Upshifts ) and Sport Modes ?

We can also Manually Shift our Automatics - we lack a Paddle Shift option like some other Sporty CUVs have - but that's OK

There are no TSBs that I'm aware of for the '16 Transmission.

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