L20B street build advice

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L16/18/20B best street build- advice needed.

I am NOT looking to create a 200hp, fuel injected, or turbo motor with dreams or visions of winning ANY races.

My son and I just want to build a good, reliable, drivable, fun, spunky, MUCH IMPROVED VERSION, of this legendary 4 banger.

I already have all three types of engines (and then some), numerous intake manifold‘s, exhaust manifolds, blocks, and heads from every generation (up to ‘78) of L16/18/20B.

Lots of stock parts and pieces to choose from.

I don’t mind shaving, shimming, porting, polishing, or boring. And I wouldn’t mind bolting on a better carb, and better ignition.

I don’t live in California, and I don’t believe that emissions are going to be a problem here in Texas!

I am going to be rebuilding the engine anyway, so I might as well use all my parts and pieces, and do it right the first time.

This will be going into a 1977 620 pick up truck.

So guys, those are the facts! What do you have for me: the best recipe, your best build for streetabilaty and fun?

Thanks in advance! GP
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