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Group buys

Postby [email protected] » Wed Feb 18, 2004 6:01 am

I got an email from one of our members here and wanted to post a response so everyone can understand a few things. As I have addressed in the past we do not offer group buys on our items due to the pricing structure we set (for example the S-13 AGX struts are $388.00 plus shipping now). We keep it very simple here at The Tire Rack. We offer everyone the best price on every item every time they call, regardless of volume. In fairness to the other 17+ other auto enthusiast sites we sponsor, we do not offer group buys or group discounts. It is not 'fair' to offer buys to one forum or group and not another or to offer discounts to only some of our customers. I think you'd be pretty honked off if you went to your local watering hole and found out the guy sitting next to you at the bar was just charged less for his beer than you were just because he knows the bartender. We'd rather give everyone the best price right up front. If other sponsors want to offer special pricing to members, that's their option. We have decided to take a different approach. Instead we have chosen to support you by offering the best price to everyone and most importantly, by spending time here moderating this fourm. I, Chet, and the other moderators here are not paid for being here. I work on commission and I make my living in retail sales at The Tire Rack. The time I spend here and on the other boards I moderate is time not spent on the phone making money to support my family. The same is true with Chet and the other moderators. We moderate the forums out of our own time to provide you helpful , knowledgeable advice, and hopefully you recognize the value of that and patronize us (me) personally rather than shopping by price alone. I spend time on the phone or here answering questions with the hope that you will call me when you need to make a purchase or will list me as a previous contact when you order on our website. That's how I get paid. I'd like to think that is worth something when it comes to deciding where to make your purchase.


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