FX 45 AWD driveline lash?

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FX 45 AWD driveline lash?

Postby Percysnow » Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:37 pm

Hey folks...new to the forum here and new to the 2003 FX45 that I bought my wife a few weeks ago. After taking it on our first road trip, I notice warped rotors...which the dealer promptly replaced and what feels like driveline lash or chatter when lightly backing off highway speeds. After a few days of trying to find out what the problem is...the dealership wants to tell me that this is common for FX45 AWD models and explained that as the car decellerates...the vibration/chatter is caused by torqe distribution among all 4 wheels... So, I'm not ready to buy that explanation and have an appointment with a master technician from "corporate" or wherever at the end of the month.

Outside of this mystery vibration this car is absolutely solid. I just can't imagine that an auto of this caliber would have such a pitiful issue. My old Jeep Wagoneer was better than this...

Didn't see any related posts and don't know if it's already been addressed here... Anyway, I would really value your input prior to another go around with these guys...

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