Flipper Door non-operatable on left

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Flipper Door non-operatable on left

Postby dg1enigma » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:35 am

G37 Convertable Flipper Door on left side does not operate and sensors prevent the rest of movement of top to go up or down.
Been told by service center that the replacement of motor is over $2200.
Has anyone replaced the flipper door motors or parts? Issues with it?
I did use a string to hold the door in the correct position until the top was fully open. Then removed the string. It kept fingers out of the way with this method.
Now I need to get the top back up until I get the part and/or devise a repair of the offending part.
Has anyone else had this issue? The method of open and close the top manually has been read and re-read as a convoluted mess written by a sadist engineer.
The best part price I can find is still a grand, but better than $1400.00
Labor price is outrageous.
FYI...I was a gear head back in the day when a few tools was all one needed to have a good time. Now it is all about computer sensors and bubble head NASA safety. There should be one valve to disable to release the hydraulic fluid, then one could make the top move.

Thanks in advance for real help.

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Re: Flipper Door non-operatable on left

Postby Fins160 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:06 pm

Yes, this is a (sadly) common fail.

Lots of documentation in this thread, including both replacing the mecahnism ($1k) or doing your own less-expensive repair (depending on your skills).

https://www.myg37.com/forums/g37-conver ... ouble.html

Hope this helps!

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