Fenix Power is a scam

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Fenix Power is a scam

Postby BadQ45t » Sun May 30, 2021 12:56 pm

Just a note to any early Leaf owners, there is a company called Fenix power located in North Carolina. I lent them my 2011 Leaf as a test mule so they could work on a new 40 Kilowatt battery pack to replace the 24 useless one. Long story short they never did a damn thing with my car except have it sit there getting dusty and losing even more range. my 2 years adventure with them was going to be up in August so in April I started to email the CEO who had ghosted me for nearly a year before. I was thinking I may not even get the car back after getting 404 errors when I tried to view their website, thankfully the guy that had taken the car was still answering text messages and I found out that he'd not been paid for a while was no longer working for them and did still have my car. He did the right thing and brought it back (on a trailer he lived 90 miles away from me) and I dumped the car at CarMax.

Word to anyone looking at using this company, they have ghosted many people some for $150 but also some with $3,500 deposits and they are all battling with the credit card companies while Fenix has their website back up again and claim they can do a reconditioned 24 battery.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS!! The had good intentions but they are not ever going to product anything. They are taking new money to pay the old people back and get them off their backs. Sound like Bernie Madoff?

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