Drift Forum Rules *READ FIRST OR DIE*

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Drift Forum Rules *READ FIRST OR DIE*

Postby Joe » Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:37 am

The primary focus of this forum is of a TECHNICAL nature. do NOT post worthless threads in here. threads like "RC Car drifting" and "what engine is best for drifting" or my personal favorite "look at this civic drifting."

there will be no flaming in here for people asking newbie questions. BUT if the said newbie's question could have been answered by looking in the FAQ's they are fair game till i can lock the thread.

street drifting: personally i could care less where you drift as long as you are SMART AND SAFE. but i do not want them in here. pointless threads like "we were mountian drifting for like 3 hours last night y0" will absolutley not be tolerated. NICO nor myself does not condone or support street drifting. if you absolutley must make a thread about something related to street drifting do not mention locations. we are a huge message board and are frequented by law enforcment. be smart kids.

pictures: there is a stickied thread for pictures and videos, please no "omg look at these crazy japanese guys drifting!" videos. keep it of yourself and local events only. if formula D or a D1 event is local to you, you are more than welcome to post pictures of it.

events: please try to keep event postings to a minimum. as drifting gets more and more popular there are a ton of events always going on nearly everywhere in the country so try and use the regional forums rather than this one.

add your suggestions and comments by replying please, im always willing to do anything to make this forum better.

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