Datsun 521 Brake conversion question! PLEASE HELP!

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Datsun 521 Brake conversion question! PLEASE HELP!

Postby kaliboy96 » Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:26 pm

Hey Guys,

Quick question, I have recently purchased my 2nd 521 truck (love these things) this one has a motor swap from a 1985 Nissan 200sx and has been built to race, including turbo -charged. (YAAAY) My question is this, I just bought the brackets to do a front end disc brake conversion. I have most of the parts ready and am pretty clear on the procedure. the problem I am having is with the brake lines. First the hard lines on the truck are SAE, the new Master Cylinder I bought is made for the early years 280z, my problem is how do I get my stock brake hoses from the nissan hardbody calipers which are metric to work with the new MC. Do I run new metric lines? If so where do I get the materials necessary to do that, also how does that interfere with my back brakes. Also if I use the standard lines is there an adapter I can use to run from the caliper hose to the hard line, and where do I find those adapters. I have been stumped! I know someone must have an answer or already tackled this problem. Please help! Thanks!


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