Concerns about CVT Trans

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Re: Concerns about CVT Trans

Postby TaiLuu » Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:52 pm

philipa_240sx wrote:
TaiLuu wrote:Has anyone noticed when you brake not to hard but a little harder then usual lol that the Idle drops to 500RPM when at a dead stop then bounces back up to normal Idle speed?
If you pay careful attention, it's also dependent on how fast you move from the accelerator to the brakes. You can also duplicate it by setting the cruise control, let the vehicle speed settle, then applying the brakes. By quickly dropping engine rpms, you do gain an engine braking effect as well as a boost in engine manifold vacuum which in turn provides more vacuum assist to the brake booster.

There really isn't a detailed explanation of the Brake Assist system, so this phenomenon may or may not be related to it.

Another thought is this could be unintended acceleration programming. If you rapidly apply brakes, it overrides the throttle and returns the motor to idle.
Wouldn't Raising engine Speed Make Engine Braking more efficient but yet Unconfy?

Taping the brakes 3 times from what I experience puts the car out of gear.

It scares me because, When that happens I always think the The ECU delays when I'm at a dead stop and doesn't put it out of gear(Deactivate Clutch) in time.

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