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Advice/ Input

Postby Brian14 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:47 am

Hey Guys i'm new to the forum and need some help if you don't mind please :wavey: . I live in South Africa
I currently have an Rb 25 Det lemme give quick run down on spec's.
Sub Assembly skimmed 1 mm Rb 26 pistons 86 mm COMETIC Head Gasket
Head ported and gas flowed cams cut 270. Done by Steve Clark No Sweat Racing
Head currently has all Rb 26 parts , Valves , Quarters , Retainers , Valve Springs , Lifters etc. So Head is Solid Cams and Lifters. Head can probably rev about 8500rpm+ but oil pump is stock.
Branch build by Marius from Full Boost 3 into 2 into 1.
Turbo Garret 60-1 T4
Bosch 750 cc injectors
Bosch 044 external pump and Facet in tank pump
Rb 30 Clutch and Pressure Plate
40 mm Wastegate
Custom Intake Manifold
Spitronics Engine Management 60-2
70 mm Exhaust

Currently has a 1 bar map on pump fuel 95 octance. Took the car for Dyno but was Spark breaking will replace coils this weekend.
Not sure if any of you had similar set ups. :gotme So where I need some input is the car will be going back for Dyno soon:
I will be changing fuel to 50/50 95/ethanol
What do you guys think Rb 26 pistons can take max boost??
I'm looking to possibly push to 1.2-1.5 bar is this ok?
What Hp should I aim for safely?
If you guys can please assist with your expertise I will appreciate it :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
Sorry about the book tried to give as much info as I can :dblthumb: :dblthumb:


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