96 Maxima/I30 Front Suspension - Can't Install Strut

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96 Maxima/I30 Front Suspension - Can't Install Strut

Postby voiddweller » Thu Nov 12, 2020 1:56 pm

I'm trying to help out a family member (he's 75) that removed the driver's side strut and ran into an issue with the knuckle. Based on on the Duo Video call, he can't rotate the hub assembly back up to the original position to attach the lower strut bolt. He said that he had to really push down on the knuckle to get the new strut in and I'm wondering if it's possible that he pulled out the half-shaft.

Based on the video, the boot next to the transmission casing was really stretched out and he's able to move the shaft in and out a little bit, but I thought there was a C-spring the held the shaft in place and it would take a lot of force to loosen it up. Is this correct?

If not, what would stop the hub/knuckly assembly from pivoting back to it's original position?

Thank you.

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Re: 96 Maxima/I30 Front Suspension - Can't Install Strut

Postby PapaSmurf2k3 » Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:10 pm

Do you know if he loosened the control arm bolts where they attach to the chassis? The bushing tension is probably what is keeping the assembly in its current state. If you loosen all of that up, it should be more free to rotate/pivot and you might be able to get a better idea of what is binding it up.

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