'92 240SX Convertible Roll Cage?

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Hi guys, I am currently looking for a roll cage for my vert. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Rhodes Race Cars 4 point roll bar? I have a couple questions about the roll bar. I was wondering if the roll bar will fit the vert? Will the top still be able to function and clear the roll bar? And will I need to have a rear seat delete. Thanks for reading I appreciate it.
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First order of business would be to figure out what sanctioning body you're going to run in and determine their requirements (unless you're not tracking the car, in which case it doesn't really matter).

I've never heard of the company you mentioned, but that's not terribly relevant.

Those other questions would be best directed to the people who make the bar - I've owned a few S13 verts (albeit none with a roll bar), so you as the car owner should be able to figure out fitment issues and whether it'll necessitate seat removal. I don't see why it wouldn't fit, but as far as interfering with the top mechanism, you're probably going to have to find that out on your own.

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