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Postby twong26 » Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:03 pm

BKkid wrote:
Sat May 08, 2021 9:15 am
Hello New Member here ....just got 2021 Rogue SL with Premium package ..... this is are 7th Nissan that I have bought ...... onlythings this is missing is a homelink mirror and two hitch for my bike rack ..... any advise greatly appreciated....
Hi BKkid. Nissan sells the frameless mirror with universal remote. Would that work for you?

https://parts.nissanusa.com/p/Nissan_20 ... 5ZW03.html

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Postby GARogue » Thu Sep 02, 2021 6:19 am

Hey Everyone! Brand new to the forum and I've been in a 2021 Nissan Rogue Platinum AWD since June. Love the car- such an upgrade from the previous body style. A few things I think Nissan could improve upon:

1. Apple Wireless Carplay: it's finicky. Sometimes it connects lightning fast and other times, I have to manually connect my phone for it to start. IF there's a reason I need to disconnect from it, trying to reconnect is a huge pain. I've also noticed that when I try and take Microsoft Teams calls from my Outlook account, the system will actually shut off and reboot. The ONLY way I can take those calls is to disconnect Carplay and then Bluetooth will pick up the call so I can drive hands free.

2. There needs to be more control for illuminating/dimming the digital gauge cluster. You go from extremely bright to dim and not much fine tuning in between. I wish there were a few more options to have the screens a bit brighter. Also, there seems to be a lag going from tunnels to daylight. The display is quick to dim and the auto headlight feature kicks on wonderfully, but once you exit the tunnel and you're back in broad daylight, it takes a few extra seconds it seems to return the displays to daylight and turn off the headlights.

3. I love the seats in my Platinum, but they need to have a ventilated option. I can understand just doing heated seats on the lower trim levels, but at the Platinum trim, ventilated seats should be standard.

4. Transition to ALL LED lighting. The interior lighting should be all LED inside the cabin (map lights, entry/exit lights etc). The exterior lighting that still needs to transition are the rear turn signals, back up lights & license plate lights. Again, I can see the lower trim levels still retaining the halogen bulbs, but when you opt for the Platinum trim, it really should include ALL LED technology to complement the rest of the vehicle.

5. It would be fun to see the car interact with the driver a little more. There are currently no themes that change in the digital gauge cluster when you select different drive modes. I'd like to see the display have red accents and maybe a different speedometer view when you go into sport mode, green accents when you go into ECO mode, maybe orange or blue when you go into snow etc. Again, not the end all, be all- however, this car is VERY capable of competing with Lexus, Mercedes, BMW etc. and these little touches would really complete the package.

6. Along those lines, I'd like to see a few color options for the ambient lighting as well. The white is clean, crisp and easy on the eyes, but again, on the Platinum trim level, it would be nice to see some added flexibility there.

Overall, I love the car. I've put 8k miles on it in just a few months and it's been a breeze to drive. The interior is 100x better than the older body style, the sound insulation is a 1000% better than outgoing models and I personally am very drawn to the exterior styling as well. Several people have mistaken it for a new Lexus. I've enjoyed it so much so, I've opted to start my own YouTube channel and it is the first review on there! For the folks at Nissan, I think you're 95% there, it's just the small finishing details that are going to take this new platform to the next level!

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Postby 1rogue » Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:42 pm

Just got my blue Rogue Platinum AWD! My first Nissan and I am loving it!

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