370z Buying Advice (forced induction car)

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370z Buying Advice (forced induction car)

Postby Nukewire » Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:05 am

So I'm looking at buying a 2015 370z Nismo Tech in White.
It only has 17,000 miles on it and is in perfect visual condition.

The owner had sent the car to AAM Competition in Maryland to have the following installed:
AAM Twin Turbo Kit (Tuner Series)
AAM 3" True Dual Exhaust
AAM Upgraded Intercooler
1050CC Injectors
Upgraded Fuel Pump

There are some other mods but I'm listing the important ones.
AAM sent him some dyno numbers as they tuned it. It shows 660whp and 550tq which is impressive.

I have 3 questions:

1. The owner is in a non-emissions county of Texas and I unfortunately am not... Has anyone been able to pass emissions inspection with a TT setup? I think I'll have to at least get cats and have them enabled in the tune again...
2. How reliable are forced induction 370s if they were built correctly? Specifically with the AAM twin turbo kit.
3. He is asking $30,000. I'm thinking this is a good price but wanted to know what others thought.


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Re: 370z Buying Advice (forced induction car)

Postby PalmerWMD » Mon Jan 11, 2021 7:55 pm

1)I have passed emissions in Maryland (one of the strictest states) with a 350Z with an SC (also tuned by AAM)
2) I personally have no experience with the 370 Z but the internals have a reputation as quite good.
Much, much stronger than VQ35de (350Z)
(but then again u r running a lot of power, possibly at the max of what stock internals can handle... if it was me I'd downtune it a bit, but again I am not a 370Z but, former, 350Z guy.)
3) I cannot comment on price.. but from the mods list and from what I remember of AAMs price structure, I'd say off-the-cuff thats nearly $20,000 in quality parts and labor from AAM on the car.

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