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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby TEKKI » Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:02 am

VIN: JN3MS36AXNW101610

YEAR: 1992







I'll add pics once I figure out how :chuckle:

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby jcrown7 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:23 am

VIN: JN3MS36A1NW102046

Color: Red

Year: 1992

Name: Jared Crown

Screen Name (NICO): jcrown7

Email Address: [email protected]

City: Sulligent
State: AL

Motor: Stock KA-DE

Trans: Currently Auto, manual trans will be installed over the summer

Mods: 5-lug conv, z32 brakes, VarrsToen V3's in 16x9, BC Coilovers 8k/6k, Alutec Front Strut Bar

Estimated Horsepower: stock 155HP

Mileage at submission: 150,080 mi

How many prior owners: From what I can tell by looking through the binder that was in the car, 3. There was a maintenance binder kept, and it has EVERY service record in it, even gets detailed down to the receipt for the head unit from WalMart

How many other verts in your area: this is the only one around here that I or anyone I know has seen in the area.


These pictures are the ones used in the for sale ad by the couple I bought it from, and are the only ones I have of the car right now.
**I bought this 240 a week before deploying overseas back in November from a couple about to have a baby and paid $3400 for it. It was 100% stock, no leaks, no knocking, original paint, the dash is NOT cracked and in its life the top only had to be replaced once. When I get home in June I'll update this post with better, recent pictures.**

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby _TheRedLady_ » Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:43 am

VIN: JN3MS37A7RW211356

Color: Red

Year: 1994

Name: Kara

Screen Name (NICO): _TheRedLady_

Email Address: [email protected]

City: Waco
State: TEXAS

Motor: Stock KA

Trans: Currently Auto. Eventually swapping to manual trans.

Mods: Completely stock except for switching to a different exhaust. Not sure what kind

Estimated Horsepower: stock

Mileage at submission: Around 137,000

How many prior owners: I am the 2nd official owner. Car has been in and out of dealerships/auctions it's whole life. I just bought it a week ago from a hole-in-the-wall dealership for $1400. It had been sitting for a couple years, but surprisingly is in very good condition! Even has the original boot lol.

How many other verts in your area: A couple. 3 or 4 maybe





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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby pinoysx » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:04 am

VIN = JN3MS37A2PW01377
Color = White
Year = 1993
First Name = Deo
Last Name = Onas
Screen Name = pinoysx
Email Address = [email protected]
City = Cavite
State = RP
Motor = S13
Mods = Unorthodox Racing Pulley
Mileage = 206, 699 miles

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby pettan » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:14 pm

Color: white
Year: 92
First Name: Peter Andersson
Screen Name (NICO):Pettan
Email Address: [email protected]
City: Skovde Sweden
Motor KA4DE
Auto, or Manual Conversion: auto
Mods: none
Estimated Horsepower: 160
Mileage at submission: 16K

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby fredxday » Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:56 pm

VIN: JN3MS37A2RW211345
Color: White special edition
Year: 1994
First Name: Fred
Last Name: Day
Screen Name: FredxDay
Email Address: fredxday @ gmail .com
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
Motor: KA24DE
Mods: virgin, all original

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby bmaddock » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:40 pm

VIN: JN3MS37AXPW203541
Color: Cherry Red Pearl
Year: 1993
First Name: Ben
Last Name: Maddock
Screen Name: bmaddock
Email Address: bmaddock13 @ gmail .com
City: Richmond
State: Virginia
Motor: KA24DE
Mods: 5 speed swap, BC Racing coilovers, PBM RUCAs and toe rods, Q45 front caliper/rotors, KA-T to come..
Mileage: ~250,000

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1991 240sx coupe(past)
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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby 240jaysx » Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:11 am

VIN: JN3MS37A5PW203656
Color: White

First Name: Jasquin
Last Name: Matienzo
(NICO)Email Address: [email protected]
CityState: Huntington Station NY

Motor: Stock ka24de Automatic 288k
Mods: Stock
How many prior owners (if you know it) - previous owner Jacobs, David, B
How many other verts in your area: I have seen around 5 verts. hatchbacks you see allday. and a few coupes

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby S13Lovell » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:12 pm

Year: 1992
Color: Grey
VIN: JN3MS36A5NW100087
First Name: Matt
Screen Name: S13Lovell
Email Address: [email protected]
City: Colorado springs
State: CO
Motor: KA
Transmission: Automatic
Mods: none
Estimated Horsepower: stock
Mileage at submission: 252K
Prior owners: Unknown
How many other verts in your area: 3 ive seen

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby NEOeclipse » Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:18 pm

Year: 1994
Color: White/black/rust... eventually Flat black for final color
VIN: JN3MS37A0RW210355
First Name: Will
Screen Name: NEOeclipse
Email Address: [email protected]
City: Tampa
State: FL
Motor: N/A
Transmission: N/A
Mods: RS-R springs on KYB struts, S13 power doors swapped
Estimated Horsepower: N/A
Mileage at submission: unknown
Prior owners: Unknown (previously titlted in new jersey)
How many other verts in your area: no clue

this is the night i got the car

swapping the doors

this is how it is right now

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby bgdrvett » Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:13 am

Year: 1993
Color: Black
First Name: Chris
Screen Name: bgdrvett
Email Address: [email protected]
City: Monroe
State: GA
Motor: KA24DE
Transmission: Auto
Mods: Intake, Blitz Exhaust, Door Swap, KYB Adjustables, Tein Springs, 17" Konig Feather Wheels
Estimated Horsepower: N/A
Mileage at submission: 191,000
Prior owners: Some Old Guy
How many other verts in your area: no idea


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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby GOFASTER » Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:20 pm

Hi, I'm not only new to this site, but also new to the world of Nissan 240SX ownership.

[email protected]

Here are the specs for my car:

VIN: JN3MS37A5RW210366

'94 240SX SE

Automatic Transmission (so far)
Stock everything (so far)
Odometer: 178968

Color: Fuschia/Maroon/Magenta

The hardware in the convertible top is broken.
Paint job is starting to fade.
The carpet is trashed, I guess the (1) previous owner never used floor mats.
Busted passenger side rear-view.
On the underside of the car, a hole has formed from the rust right below one of the bolts on the driver-side seat rails.
Cracked windshield.
Missing tape deck.
Heater fan only works on high (setting 4).
Purchased in '97 at one of the John Elway dealerships in the Denver area for 21,000.
It does have the cover for when the convertible top is down, so that's nice.

I'll get some pics soon, I promise.


Another S13 Kid
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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby Another S13 Kid » Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:05 am

Name: Evan Till
Username: Another S13 Kid
Color: white body black top
Mileage: 184,114
State/city: Arizona, Mesa
Previous owners: prior to being with me, it was located in Tucson Az for 6 years and owned by a woman.
Motor/tranny: bone stock ka24de, currently an auto but piecing together manual swap.
Mods: Tein basic coilovers with xxr 006's 17x9 +21 offset
Pluses: everything works a/c heat cruise control top and Windows all work crack free dash
Negatives: rear Window needs replaced and the door panels have come un-glued

No sure how to post pictures? :0

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby Mistyeyes Blue » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:07 pm

VIN = JN3MS37A1PW202925
Color = Snow Bunny White
Year = 1993
First Name = Misty
Last Name = Blue
Screen Name = MistyEyes Blue
Email Address = [email protected]
City = Ashland
State = Oregon
Motor = It looks stock, though it has had some updating, the spark plug wire assembly is blue, I generally hand detail my engine, but again it is Feb. and cold, so I will be waiting for a sunny day....
Transmission= Automatic
Mods = So far, just standard LE, I just got it home... working on it. It has great leather interior and a replaced windshield with blue tint at the top, love the map lights on the rear view. It has only a couple of chips in the door handle frames, new window switch buttons though so that is cool. It has a new top and stereo, though it needs new speakers. The door panels are in very good condition and the dash and all surrounding is in great condition. The carpet is Meh, new mats, though I want to get Nissan ones... The mirrors are all in great condition, the sad part is the door key and ignition key are not the same so I want to see how hard it will be to get that fixed. It is in need of a hood spring, don't know how you would loose that, and the washer pot is lame... Otherwise the engine is in great condition and needs a good detailing. My only other issue is where the leather meets the back seat framework has pulled away and needs an upholstery guy. I have the original boot in the cover and a custom total car cover but it is more for in a garage, doesn't appear to me to be waterproof....I plan on getting lavender ghost flames on the front, with dragonflies flying down the sides fading into water droplets surrounded by light blue on the back end. Some day... I am excited it has minimal issues, even a scope of the engine brought up no bad news :laugh: :woot:
Previous owners= 2 as far as I know
How many other Verts in your area= None in Ashland that I know of, I believe there is one in Grants Pass. I have had many notes left on my window requesting to buy it... so I think not many

Mileage at submission = about 165k. and holding....lol. The speedometer and Tac works though so I have to figure out why the odometer isn't, I thought maybe transmission work, but I haven't had the chance to do much to it... it is still down to 19 degrees at night, so the temps are not friendly.

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby bgoodwill » Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:04 pm

I stupidly sold my '92 last summer and my '94 in the fall but made it up today by buying this '93. :yesnod She needs some love, but she's got a solid foundation.

VIN = JN3MS37AXPW204401
Color = red pearl
Year = 1993
First Name = Bev
Last Name = Goodman
Screen Name = bgoodwill
City = McMinnville
State = OR
Motor = KA24DE
Mods = bone stock
Mileage at submission = about 145k
Previous owners: I think 2; folks I bought her from bought her in 2001 with only 21K on her.
No other verts in my area since both of my previous cars sold out of town.

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby Pjluzs2drift » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:16 pm

Color = White se
Year = 1994
First Name = Phillip
Nick Name= P.J.
Last Name = Dooley
Screen Name = PJluzs2drift
Email Address = [email protected]
AIM Screenname =
City = Coatesville
State = In
Other Vertz in Area = 0 within 50 miles lol
Motor = s13 kd
Mods = K&N cold air, Front strut brace, pioneer radio Jvc 6.5 and Pioneer 4x6, 5 lug swap, 5spd swap coming soon, and 17" rims comin soon also.
mileage=191xxx 3rd owner

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby Paradox » Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:24 pm

Found this in Junkyard. Sad, it is very clean, except for top being cut up and interior being trashed because of exposure to elements... I thought I would get VIN for the registry.

vin= JN3MS37A1PW204299
Color = Black se
Year = 1993

City = Dayton
Motor = s13 ka automatic
Mods =Stock

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby 5280VertDET » Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:54 am

VIN = JN3MS37A4PW201719
Color = RED (Terrible Respray by P.O.)
Year = 1993
First Name = CJ
Screen Name = 5280VertDET
Email Address = [email protected]
City = Denver
State = CO
Motor = SR20DET Red Top Automatic
Mods = Tein/KYB, FMIC, 3" Turbo Back, 280ZX Rims, 15mm Spacers, MBC, Wood Grain Steering Wheel, S13 Gray Vinyl 'Headrest' seats.

Mileage at submission = 206,000

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby bgoodwill » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:00 am

VIN = JN3MS36A2NW100192
Color = black
Year = 1992
First Name = Bev
Last Name = Goodman
Screen Name = bgoodwill
City = McMinnville
State = OR
Motor = KA24DE
Mods = stock
Mileage at submission = 151,000
Previous owners: 2

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby willyok » Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:18 am

USC Justice wrote:This Registry has been set up in order to develop an accurate count of remaining 240sx Convertibles in the US and worldwide, as well as for future efforts (designation as collectible, special-interest vehicle status, etc).

Also, such a database can assist us in preventing fraudulent sales, and may even be helpful for resale.

Please enter your information in this thread- we'll be revamping the database, very soon. Thanks!

Alternatively, you can post the information within this thread in the following format, and we'll have someone else enter it:

VIN = VIN JN3MS37A2PW200858
Color = red
First Name = Bill
Last Name = Bruck
Screen Name (NICO) = WillyOK
Email Address = [email protected]
AIM Screenname (if Applicable)
City Broken Arrow
State Oklahoma
Motor: S13 Black Top KA24DE w/ automatic
Mileage at submission: about 260 K
owners: 1

Motor (KA, SR or RB variant, etc)Auto, or Manual ConversionModsEstimated HorsepowerMileage at submission

How many prior owners (if you know it)How many other verts in your area

PLEASE lets be sure to keep this thread only for the information listed below. If you want to discuss your mods or other peoples mods, start another thread!!!

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby willyok » Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:25 am

Looking for a couple items for my '93 red conv:
Anyone have a lead on door panels, (LH and RH)? Nissan didn't make original for long time in sun/heat!
Can't find and need dual switch for rear quarter panel windows. The switch fits in center between ashtray and next to cigarette lighter.
Need adjustment linkage for headlights. Nissan want about $45 for this plastic link.


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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby RsmS13vert » Sun Sep 21, 2014 1:09 am

VIN : JN3MS37AXPW201756
Color : White (Matte grey for now)
Year : 1993

First Name : Roland
Last Name : Miyamoto
Screen Name (NICO) : rsms13vert
Email Address : [email protected]
AIM Screenname : Japinoy07
City : East bay
State : California

Motor : Kade24
Manual : 5 speed
Conversion : stock rebuilt Ka24de
Mods : Cat back to exhaust Circuit Sport, front & rear sway bar Suspension Techniques, front Nismo power brace bar, VLSD, TEIN HA coilovers, Rear adjustable control arms, MR. C's short shifter, MoMo steering wheel, xxr 002 15x8 +0 4x114.3, sound system JL sub, H4 headlights, Mishimoto aluminum radiator.
Estimated Horsepower : 147hp
Mileage : 303,xxx

1 owner that I know of.
1 other vert I've seen around.

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby s-chassis » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:22 pm

VIN = n3ms37a0rw210985
Color = Black
Year = 1994
First Name = kyle
Last Name = gipson
Screen Name = s-chassis
Email Address = [email protected]
AIM Screenname = ?
City = Maryville
State = TN
Motor = ka24de
Mods = 5 speed swapped, lowered, silvia front, rims, other little stuff. being redone.
Mileage at submission = -

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby Shagnew » Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:59 pm

Hi guys, I'm new to the 240sx scene. My sister had one growing up, so I got to drive it quite frequently. Now that I am 30 I bought one not too long ago on a whim. Its a 1993 S13 Nissan 240sx convertible with only 60,800 miles.


5 speed swap
Nismo shift knob (new)
ISIS short shifter (new)
alumunium pedals (new)
small black leather Momo steering wheel w/ red stitching (near new)
Kenwood deck (new)
x4 Infiniti speakers w/ 14 gauge wiring (new)
New soft top
Black carpet
New black custom seats with white diamond stitching
Drift ebrake knob in aluminium color (new)


Stock - never molested
Amsoil fluids


Megan lowering springs (new)
skid plate (new)
ISIS Exhaust (new)
Aftermarket front glass beam lights (new)

I'll try to get photos up by Spring but wondering what people thought so far and what they think I could add since I'm on a very tight budget.


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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby bsierra28 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:23 pm

Hey guys this is my first 240 and I absolutely love it, nothing better than a droptop. Its completely stock as far as i know.
VIN = JN3MS37A3RW211340
Color = red
First Name = Bryan
Last Name = Sierra
Screen Name (NICO) = bsierra28
Email Address = [email protected]
City South Plainfield
State NJ
Motor: KA24DE with auto trans (for now)
Mileage at submission: 122k as of right now
owners: unknown
No other 'verts that I've seen in my area.

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby Drifttaxx707 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:45 am

Name: kevin


Color: red

Engine: ka24de
Trans: auto-tragic
Mods: stereo, Takata harnesses/no airbags :(
Estimated horsepower: stock horsepower
Location:Sonoma county, California
Nico screen name:drifttaxx707

Prior owners:3rd owner


Vin# jn3ms37a5pw200269
Color:red/plasti-dipped white

Engine:no engine
Trans: 5speed swap
Mods: 5speed swap, coupe doors, HUD,super made rear bumper
Takata harnesses,
Estimated horsepower- 0hp ;)
Estimated milage:unknown

Prior owners unknown 3 I think.

Other 240sx in my area: I believe there are to many to list.

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby dosstraflamus » Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:43 am

Name: Hernan Aldrete
Screen name:dosstraflamus
Email: [email protected]
Area: Chicago, IL

Year: 1992
Color: Red

Engine: RB20DET
Trans: R32 GTS-T 5 speed
Mods: Megan Racing coil overs, wiring specialties trans and motor harness, cx racing front mount interloper + piping, circuit sport motor mounts, s13 coupe doors, r32 driveshaft

Estimated hp: 215 stock
Mileage: 35k on motor, 226k on chassis
Prior owners: unknown

other 240sx in my area: Have seen a handful of s13 hatches and s14 coupes. I believe there is only 3 other people with Verts.

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby AZhitman » Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:17 pm

Welcome aboard to all our recent owners! Glad to have you all here at the best 240sx convertible resource on the web!

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Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby 93kavert » Thu May 14, 2015 1:40 pm

VIN JN3MS37A0PW203712
1993 Black w/Grey interior

Chase Yeargan
[email protected].
Florence, AL

Motor stock KA Auto
Mileage: 70,800

I inherited this car from the original owner and I have never seen another vert in person, although I have a few friends with S13/14's

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Car: 1992 240sx SE Vert Ka24de

Re: 240SX Convertible Registry

Postby 2dudes1vert » Mon May 25, 2015 12:06 pm

Vin JN3MS36A0NW100143
1992 Super Red w/ Black interior (used to have aftermarket seats replaced with grey twede)

Brian Leonard (and i guess im the 3rd owner)
[email protected]
Tacoma, Wa

Stock Ka24de
134,000 original miles

-momo tuner wheel (real)
-nrg short quick release, nrg short hub
-h&r springs (cut by previous owner by 1 coil)
-silvia brick front end (previous owner)
-xxr 002 wheels (previous owner)

in my area ive seen about 5-6 verts in person but with their dramatic colors who knows if ive seen the same few a few times over. Most are drift missiles. I plan on setting this cars stance up just right and have a beautiful rare vert.

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