2012 G37 Sport coupe won't completely turn over

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2012 G37 Sport coupe won't completely turn over

Postby BeckB » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:28 am

Hey all, I am looking for ideas as to what could possibly be going on with my 2012 G37 Sport coupe.

I currently have the flu & hadn't driven my car in a few days when I asked my roommate to run to the store for me. When they went to start my car it was a no go. The lights would come on but it wouldn't completely turn over. I had to ask another friend to come over to jump it. Their 1st attempt was using a jump box which I believe, actually drained what little bit of life I had left in my battery, out. Not only would it not start after they hooked up this "jump box", but the lights wouldn't even come on anymore. Just the "click, click, click"....I told them my battery was good & still under warranty. I purchased one through my local Infiniti dealership a while back. I'd have to check my records to get an exact date but I know it wasn't 3+ years ago. (Bear with me as I'm still VERY ill & my mind isn't at 100%).

Anyway, they had the battery checked & as I had told them, it was good. They jumped the car with jumper cables & all was well.....so I thought. This was 3 days ago. The next day it started/ran just fine, for the minimal driving it endured. Last night, once again, needed medicine so I asked my roommate to run to the store for me & guess what....That's right, another no go. :wtf2: This time, no power whatsoever. Just the dreaded "click, click, click". No lights were left on either time. No doors left ajar. Trunk was also closed. To top things off, I have an appointment at H&R Block tomorrow & need my car to get me there.

I'm at a loss & praying someone here might be willing to offer suggestions or provide me with ideas as to what could possibly be causing this. I recently had a thorough inspection performed as my extended warranty was about to expire & everything checked out fine. The car is well maintained & has been over the years. I apologize if my description of events isn't the best. I know it could be better so feel free to ask for clarification on anything I've mentioned or anything I've failed to mention above.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!
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Re: 2012 G37 Sport coupe won't completely turn over

Postby audtatious » Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:40 pm

First thing to do is to validate the alternator is properly charging the battery (should be 14v+ when charging), the battery is over 13.6 volts at rest, etc. Otherwise this could be a starter or cable/ground issue.

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