1995 Q45 Possibly For Sale in New Orleans

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1995 Q45 Possibly For Sale in New Orleans

Postby brx » Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:05 am

1995 Q45 Possibly For Sale in New Orleans

I have a 1995 Q45 possibly for sale in New Orleans. Timeframe, possibly soon.
Dark green exterior, medium tan/brown interior.
The Q45 had 50500 miles on it when I bought it in Nov 1998
Approx. 90,500 miles now, so low mileage for age. Sale would be in New Orleans.

It is a salvage title vehicle (still registered in Texas) due being stolen and requiring a suspension rebuild, new tires and such in late 2014. I like the car a great deal and know its ins and outs quite well. In 2015 I arranged with the insurance company to keep the car and had a local body shop rebuild the damaged areas and do some limited repainting. It passed vehicle inspection in Houston on 7 6 2016. Driven less than 2000 miles since then, but not re-inspected since.
The potholes in New Orleans are the issue now. Too many of them and too deep. I have a very small crack in the oil pan due to bottoming out. Crack is covered over by JB Weld to stop the leak. My mechanic has now done this patching 3 x over the past year (due to potholes messing up the JB “Welds”). Next week I plan to have another mechanic take a look at it to possibly put in another oil pan. Expensive repair, possibly over $1000.00 due to having to lift the engine off to do it. So thinking of selling it.  

I have a full typed page of the good and the bad points of the car. To keep this post brief, I will limit things here. Please let me know if I should post full info here or in a private message, etc.

Thank you for looking
From NOLA with love.
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Re: 1995 Q45 Possibly For Sale in New Orleans

Postby Rogue One » Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:50 am

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