1995 J30t - sell as is, part out or scrap?

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1995 J30t - sell as is, part out or scrap?

Postby lasaduo » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:57 pm

I have a 1995 J30t - dark green, tan / camel interior. Given to me by my mother (second owner, drove it for 16 years) when the odo quit working (wouldn't pass PA inspection, I lived in FL where there is no vehicle inspection) and I drove it for 3+ years until the dr side front door lock wore out and door couldn't be opened.

I bought a new car in April '18 and the J30t has been idle ever since. Need to get rid of it and want to recoup some of the $450 I put into the new tires (mounted Jan '18 when I was planning to register it in MD, <1K miles on them) and am not sure what my best option is. Clean FL title.

Tried to rectify the door lock issue and broke the dr side front window in that effort. Got the door open but cost of new glass, lock / latch and odo (now live in MD near DC and would need those items to pass inspection, plus rt rear strut and battery) is prohibitive for what I might get (<$1,000 most likely) for it if I sell it as a road worthy vehicle.

142K on the odo, probably 155k total on the engine. Damage to lt rr qtr panel (mom backed it into a stone mailbox enclosure) and lt fr door panel is rough, cassette and CD don't work but pretty much everything else is in good condition.

I have no idea what parts crossover to other J30 / Nissan models-years.

Any suggestions from the crowd?


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Re: 1995 J30t - sell as is, part out or scrap?

Postby DizzyKitty » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:29 pm

I would go for the easy money first. Put up a classified and see if anyone will bite. Then I would part out as much as I could. The differential on these cars are sought after by 240sx/300zx guys. You could sell the wheels and tires and get most of your 450 back right there. Put all the good pieces you feel comfortable taking off on eBay then scrap it. scraping it only nets about 300 max, so its best to get the high dollar items off first.

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