1995 D21- $450 - parts-car - can drive it within 1hr of Tampa for you :)

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1995 D21- $450 - parts-car - can drive it within 1hr of Tampa for you :)

Postby Heart.My.95.Hardbody » Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:16 pm

[Mods feel free to delete my advice-on-sale thread if you think it's conflicting I just thought a formal for-sale would be appropriate!]

Ok-- $450 "/OBO" -- I just hate the idea of scrapping it (and would like an extra $100 as I expect 200-300 for scrapping), has been my car for like 1.25yrs and I love it but for months its trannie, its brakes have been steadily degrading to the point I just consider it a local-drives-only car, acceleration is terrible (think cat&muff are clogged in-addition-to a weak-biting trannie) and braking both #1 sucks and #2 is virtually impossible if you don't know the right way to move the pedal (ie a car-thief would not get far with it lol, but seriously it's bad enough I would not let someone drive-off with it you'd have to have me deliver it to you, at least we can save on the towing-fee :) )

odometer isn't working so anyone's guess on miles, it's 1995 4cyl automatic trannie 'king cab' (2 doors but has fold-down back-seat and those rear-side windows), it's the rear-wheel version not 4x4, windows are tinted and in good condition / no cracks/spiderwebs/gouges, paint isn't in good shape but the body panels are. New headlamps (well ~1yr at this point, same for battery) RUST is, thankfully, virtually absent from this thing which is a pleasant surprise in FL!!!

I'm in Pinellas ('Ozona', a block from the beach although guy I bought from last year lives nearly an hour in-land) and would happily drive it to you although we'd have to work something out as I can't afford time/$ to drive to someone who's just looking to inspect/check it out, *that* has to be done before I drive it the drive to you for delivery would be contingent upon sale as this thing eats fuel and I've found it likes eth-free so between that and between it losing more DOT3 each drive it's not cheap to operate lol and my time has been limited so am happy to deliver to save towing-fee's to make a deal happen - BADLY want this to go to a hardbobdy enthusiast and not a scrap-yard alongside t100's - I think $450 is a good fair price for it but open to offers, uncertain how to factor-in the drive I mean if I'm driving it an hour to you and taking an uber home we'll have to work it into the deal, at any rate thanks for looking hopefully we can get something to happen here reallllly hate the idea of it being squished at a junkyard!!

Here's an album I made yesterday, the pics are from when I got it a year ago but it's not worth taking new ones as I just drove it local and while I can't prove it my average-daily-mileage was probably 2-3mi (I'm an arborist&handyman and all my clients are local so 99/100 days it'd simply drive me 1/2--->3mi away, sit for 6hrs, then drive me home!)
Album link: https://imgur.com/a/qmu83kl

Thanks for checking this out :)
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Re: 1995 D21- $450 - parts-car - can drive it within 1hr of Tampa for you :)

Postby Rogue One » Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:57 am

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