1991 Z32 TT Non Airbag Car

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1991 Z32 TT Non Airbag Car

Postby ULOSE » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:57 pm

Car is a stage 3 plus from Z1. I've had the car for years, a painter screwed it up years ago and It pissed me off. He had it for 2 years, took all my money, and I had to go repo my car from him. Needless to say the paint job he did is OK from 20 ft, but none of the panels are lined up at all. I bought brand new JDM tail lights and center piece, new stage 3 clutch from Z1, Nissan replaced the entire AC system many years ago.

Car has barely been driven since all this happened. It's a 5 speed, no issues with the trans. My son decided he wanted it for his 18th birthday, so I made him go through everything with me. All new timing belt, tensioners, pulleys, all the rubber fuel lines were replaced, both PCV valves, water pump, ect. It has a big aluminum radiator, big injectors, it made just under 400 whp on 16 psi on pump gas. Has some Z1 intercooler pipes, Jim Wolfe CPU, I don't remember everything. When we got it all back together and running, it runs like a top but for some reason now it randomly smokes. Usually on decel after boost. I believe the turbos might be leaking. Compression was within 10 psi across the board. Either way, my son decided he doesn't wanna put turbos on it and can no longer afford the car, so after all that he decides he wants my " reliable" 1993 6 speed vette instead. Heh, I told him no more changing his mind and he now owns the vette and I have the 300zx. Honestly, its one of my favorite cars I've ever owned, and I've had all the Japanese supercar's from the 90's. Even the all so amazing MKIV Supra turbo, and honestly, the Z32 and my VR4 were much more fun to drive.

Car is dark blue with black TSW Nurburgring 18in wheels, with Bridgestone Pole Position S04 tires. They're new tires but again its sat for years so they may be aged out.

There were something like 235 non Airbag cars sold in the US in 1991, meaning this car is very rare and getting rarer by the minute. 2nd, it has a salvage title from theft recovery in 1996 i believe it was. Title reflects this Carfax will confirm. It needs turbos I believe but still runs like a raped ape, if that's not too politically incorrect for you folks. It has a full Stainless Sebring exhaust system, sounds amazing and not very loud at idle, kinda sounds like a Supra under load if I'm honest. Will need body panels aligned and misc stuff, but Im never gonna mess with it.

I've got 13K in it and wont see that back for a few more years I believe. I'm going to start around 7k, negotiable of course, and see what kind of offers it brings. Email me for pics as I never get on here.

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Re: 1991 Z32 TT Non Airbag Car

Postby Rogue One » Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:17 am


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