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Feeling Lucky

Postby wingFeather » Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:36 pm

I hope y'all don't mind me getting teary eyed about the J30 for a second.

When I was in college, dreaming of becoming a car designer, I remember seeing the j30 on the cover of a design magazine. At the time it was the most talked about & admired car among many. I though, "One day I will own one". Years passed, and I owned many a nice car, but the sight of a J always made me wonder what could have been.

I bought my j30 last year. it was beat up and a disgrace to the marque. Bringing it back to life was challenging but rewarding emotionally. The more it began to resemble that first glimpse of one years back... the bigger my smile became! She went from stumbling and bouncing - to peeling rubber & hugging turns. It was beautiful.

Alas, seasons change... and I sold her (now driving another Infiniti). But I value my time as a J owner (aside from the occasional cursing) and hope the car becomes a classic one day. I still glance back at the photos and smile.

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